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Inicio News International Cybill Shepherd and her 2 lesbian daughters
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Clementine daughter of Cybill Shepherd starred in the series L Word

Girls who have seen the role of Cybill Shepherd in the
L Word series believe it is very talented and beautiful, and always support any cause against homophobia.

Many times we wondered if genetics had something to do with being a homosexual. Is the lesbian born or made?
We know several cases of families where several members are gay.

The eldest daughter of Cybill Shepherd is a lesbian. His name is Clementine and out of the closet last year and comes up with Linda Perry, a record producer. In addition to this child, Shepherd has two, some twins called Ariel (the girl) and Zach. Now Ariel has also come out of the closet in the GLAAD ceremony in San Francisco where his mother was rewarded by working for visibility in the media. Shepper's two daughters went to the ceremony accompanied by their girlfriends.

It was quite a surprise because we knew that Clementine was a lesbian and had a girlfriend but did not know what it's Ariel

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